OTHER Syndicate | Our Project
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Our Project

OTHER is a creative syndicate dedicated to artists of all mediums. OTHER aims to stimulate greater dialogue between the arts, artists, and art lovers; committed to championing a free, radical and creative community. OTHER encourages greater peer support and engagement between artists and art lovers to create interactive spaces, through events and online, to find, share and buy the finest emerging talent.

OTHER is a multi-platform creative syndicate for emerging creatives. OTHER works to promote the work of creatives to stimulate greater peer interest and support. OTHER works with film makers, writers, designers and artists in a targeted way to promote dialogue across disciplines while providing a support network to encourage young creatives from all mediums to create, produce and exhibit their work. OTHER aims to build an interconnected artistic community that supports itself; creating a space for emerging talent to build and interact with their audience as well for art lovers to find, share and buy the best emergent artists.