OTHER Syndicate | Our History
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Our History

OTHER launched in on the 28th May 2015 at Dalton’s Vogue Fabric club with its first D.I.Y gallery. Over the coming months OTHER set up D.I.Y galleries and D.I.Y cinemas with some of London and Britain’s premier emerging talents in both art and film. OTHER has set-up shows and screenings all over London, including; Notting Hill, Soho, Clapton and Kingston, attracting a huge range of audiences with our own D.I.Y ethic.

OTHER is proud to have helped increase the profile of many artists, with a prolific sales record (having sold more prints in just a few months than artists had sold in total with their previous galleries). Through dedication, sponsorship, promotion and our signature ‘OTHER Releases’ OTHER has been able to help artists carve out a career with great effect, as well introducing a new audience for their work. OTHER has also sold-out at every film screening, bringing the work of many of the nation’s best emerging film makers to new audiences

Since its humble beginnings OTHER has continued to grow with a loyal following. OTHER remains passionate about its work with emerging talent and implementing new ways to increase the exposure of these creatives to an ever growing audience across new platforms, spaces and cities. At its core OTHER is passionate about bringing people together, fostering an environment of greater peer support and encouragement for young creatives. OTHER remains dedicated to nurturing the development of a free, radical and artistic community that supports itself both online and through a huge collection of sponsored, partnered, and produced events.